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Since the launch of my travel site called Between Coordinates, I had the grandest opportunity to work with people who are already established in the “travel blogging” community. I am really honored to be “that person” behind their website design. To see my work out there meant a lot especially if I placed my best efforts onto every project. Just like what I did to the Travel Freak site design.

My task in Travel Freak is simple: to redesign the website by putting more emphasis on the top portion of the page. This includes making changes on the logo and laying out a good background to complement the finished logo.

Work: Logo Redesign, Custom Site Graphics, Minor Coding | Role: Graphic Designer, Web Consultant

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Logo Redesign

I wanted to do a big change in the logo that will NOT make a huge difference at all in its overall look. Knowing that Travel Freak already has a huge following in different social media, I could not risk losing its “identity” by making a major mistake in changing the logo elements. Basically, the logotype needed some optimization but the logo itself needed a minor tweak.

travel freak draft 1

The logo was created in Photoshop using simple shapes and the handy pen tool. Above are my sketches with very “minor” changes (notice the nose, the shape of the head, the hat, the hair). What’s more important is picking the colors that gives the logo that same look and feel without giving the avid readers of Travel Freak a crazy shock.

Below is my study on the logotype: the image on the far left was Travel Freak’s previous logo. The font for the words travel and freak shows adventure and excitement in a very masculine way (on my point of view). I experimented on different colors to fit the logo and the logotype but we agreed to revert back to the orange and green colors as they are indeed “official.” The uppercase letters of the logotype were retained. The new look now resembles a more outgoing yet sophisticated, simple, clean look.

travel freak draft 2

Custom Site Graphics

Travel is the main theme and the elements inside the site header shows the different places around Earth complete with a luggage and an airline ticket. I guess that is enough to explain that you are the owner of a travel site and that you travel the world. I learned that too many places could crowd the entire layout and the logo disappears.

The best way to let the logo stand out is to give it a little “white space” and make it balance with the other items on screen. Doing a collage of different elements needs a lot of trial and error to get that look that you envision. Shadows are also important and colors. (We all know that red is never good on top of maroon – just saying! *wink*)

travel freak draft 3

Everything worked out well. I really enjoyed working on the logo. Seriously it’s fun! If you ever get to work with a similar project like this, always remember to consult with your client and ask him or her opinion. This will speed things up and at the same time help you understand what he or she is looking for. Feedback is key.

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