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Every single time a request for a logo proposal appears on my e-mail, I get super excited. It is not every day that you get to sketch up a lot of design ideas or even create doodles of potential mascots that will soon appear in different mediums. Logo design makes me ecstatic!

MJ is a good friend whom I have been collaborating with since my early days as a “self-proclaimed” designer. Those were many years ago. Yet, despite the distance, we still work perfectly as a team.

Work: Logo Design, Business Card Design, Portfolio Layouting | Role: Graphic Designer, Layout Artist, Consultant

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Logo Design

TEN (Talents Events Network, Inc.) is Philippines’ premiere entertainment and media promotions provider. My task is to create a logo that is fun, youthful, and professional. In terms of color, I was given the freedom to choose what works best. The image sets below show the different approaches I made in designing a recognizable logo for TEN:




The first design was chosen and after which I began designing the business card template.

Business Card Design

Business Cards are one of the easiest things to design if you have the data and the logo. The rest will just be defined by proper placement and some other effects. Here’s what I made after piecing everything together:

ten logo preview 4

Portfolio Layouting

Now that the logo has been defined and the business card was all approved, the portfolio was a little tedious because of the custom silhouettes that represent every category. I varied the hues of every silhouette but still retain the background to have that uniform look.

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