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Suesh 2013 Showcase

Suesh Cosmetics brand and products were created to fulfill each woman’s desire to get hold of makeup tools at affordable prices, without sacrificing the quality that might affect their most prized possession –the skin.

Working once again with Suesh brought me back to the days when I was just a “wannabe” web designer in the early months of 2007. Yes, I have been designing for them since then (back when was still the platform of choice for small to medium sized companies or individual sellers in the Philippines).

Work: Hosting Account Setup, Web Design and Development, Content Management | Role: Web and Graphic Designer

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Web Design and Development

My responsibility as their designer focused on three main things: first, site design; second, site functionality; and lastly, usability. These three things involve the over-all look and feel of the site that presents the company’s personality, brand and identity; better website architecture; and the ease of navigating around the site.

The overall design of the site was based on the logo of Suesh Cosmetics – bold purple color with pink accents. The framework used in this layout was based on the clean WordPress Twenty Eleven official theme that gives emphasis on large headers and site “responsiveness.” Suesh wanted to show more photos and text in their site, so I made the base color white. Left navigations were placed so that readers will be able to scan through the product categories with ease.

suesh draft 1

Hosting Account Setup and Content Management

Not all people are familiar with manual setups especially if they don’t have the time to learn how. I helped Suesh setup their hosting accounts and worked my way through by manually installing their platform. Aside from the nitty-gritty of unfamiliar technical terms, a huge chunk of my workflow involves a lot of questioning (the client) to find easier ways for navigation, proper placement of the menu items, and providing a “user-friendly” experience.

Organization plays a very important role in any website. Especially if you have a lot of content to display and a very flexible space to work on. In my opinion, this is where flow-charts come in handy.

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