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Spunkdesigns takes pride in providing their customers with items that are cute and unique at very affordable prices. Their products are best for gifts, party giveaways, and more.

They go crazy over adorably cute items, and fall-in-love with stuffs that have the most dainty and unique designs. They enjoy exploring the world for peculiar and fun products, and find it utterly fulfilling to be able to buy and sell it at the most affordable prices. They love hearing you get giddy-excited over our stuff because that’s how they feel too! Think of them as your shopping buddy who squeals with you over the to-die-for-its-perfect-for-me shoes by the window display.

Working with Ms Tammy for the third time since 2011 was another grand opportunity. To be able to design her stand alone website after Multiply.com’s shutdown, was something worth the effort – from fun discussions to funnier back-end tutorials. Today, her Spunkdesigns online shop is spunkier than ever.

Work: Web Design and Development, E-commerce integration | Role: Web and Graphic Designer, Web Consultant

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Web Design and Development

I have built the Spunkdesigns site based on the Multiply.com platform and essentially the design is what most of their clients are very familiar with. More so, the navigation of the site plays a major role in user interactivity in the site and it is quite important to retain all of these elements despite transferring into a self-hosted content management system.

Ms Tammy and I both agreed that we will still use the same format and the same design unless of course I could come up with something similar but a little bit different. In the end, we still reverted back to the previous design as not to confuse the customers and give them that very same look and feel that they once interacted in the Multiply.com environment.


Above are two studies that show a little difference on the central navigation. The side bar and the product tiles were still being worked out at that point in time. Grey was not really an appropriate color here.

The goal is to create a site that could stand on its own as both a brochure type website and as well as cater to online shoppers. This led me to integrating an e-commerce system to the site without disrupting the look and feel that the Spunkdesigns’ loyal customers are already accustomed to. This gave me a very limited area to show the cart and other elements of an e-commerce platform.

E-commerce Integration

Well, because the useful areas are the only areas present in the design, I have made up my mind and decided to place every important element of usability in the left sidebar and the majority of the product selections are found on the right side. I guess that will be easier in terms of looking for an item, selecting an item, and actually purchasing an item.

The sidebar holds all the necessary navigation, buttons, and essentially, the basket or cart information every buyer needs. Sifting through the products will then be easier because the categories are all laid there for that sole purpose.

spunk screenshot

On the back-end, I was able to help out Ms Tammy in terms of running the site by herself. This includes adding a product, adding photos, adding text, creating categories, creating discount coupons and other stuff needed to make an e-commerce site function the way that its supposed to.

I think one of the most important aspects of having an e-commerce site is really the basic knowledge of the administrator in terms of running it. Without that knowledge, everything will simply be useless. That is why I really exert a lot of effort in imparting a lot of my knowledge to my clients. Their goals will never be met without a single idea of how their site functions.

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