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Silienation started way back in 2006. I have been working with Silienation’s owner, Eilis Tan, since 2009 (a few years ago during’s reign). She started Silienation when she could not find any leather case for her O2 phone. After searching through the net, she found out about PDAir and started selling them in a website catering to Windows Mobile phones and eventually the small enterprise evolve into a niche market catering enterprise. Eilis started carrying accessories for EEE Pc among other stuff then came the camera accessories.

Silienation tries to provide hard-to-find accessories for the camera niche market which is now becoming popular especially those small compact cameras that can deliver DSLR-like photos. They strive to bring in brands that are popular on other countries and yet to be found here in our shores. And of course, customer service is their top priority.

Because of’s shutdown in 2013, Ms Eilis and I worked our way into creating a stand alone site for her company. Based on the past design and layout of Silienation that I had the pleasure of doing, this time, we opted to go bold, flat, and simple. Minimalism was our sole concept.

Work: Web Design and Development, E-commerce integration | Role: Web and Graphic Designer, Web Consultant

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Web Design and Development

This version of Silienation shows off the power of simplicity. The challenge is to balance everything out and placing the items in an order in which no side will be heavier than the other. On the design proposal below, notice the cart details are on the right side, the company branding is on the left side, the navigation is on the right side again, the featured image is centered, product titles are flushed to the left, and the footer links are centered. Everything is balanced with the sequence: Right, Left, Right, Full width, Left, Full width.


Aside from the balancing act of positioning elements in the site, the boxed layout of the website gives it that serious look. The dark grey textured diagonal line tiled background makes it compact and direct. The overall white and splashes of grey pulls everything together unifying the background and the foreground.

The logo itself, stands out on its own through its color and placement. This gives more way to also emphasize the products – which is similarly as important as the company logo.

E-commerce Integration

The mission in terms of the e-commerce function of the site is to allow customers and potential buyers to be able to shop smoothly and without any bumps along the way. It is very frustrating on the customers’ standpoint to encounter errors and other bugs during their interaction with the site which will result into an unsuccessful purchase of an item or group of items.

My priority in the integration of e-commerce in the Silienation site is to give its visitors a very smooth transaction to yield a more favorable result in terms of check out statistics. Ease of access and usability are needed in this situation.

Artisan and Artist ACAM-103N Neck Strap   Silienation

The screenshot above shows the general front-end interface of Silienation’s website. Everything is there to improve customer page flow and interaction to the site. On the left are the cart and basket items, showing the quantity, the name, and the sub-total of the products, and on the right are the general information of a product: name, price, description, reviews, etc. And then, below that are related products which could help the customers look for other things aside from the ones that they placed in their cart.

Only a successful checkout could measure the success of the design, the development, and the integration of e-commerce in a website. Without a successful checkout, something needs to be done to improve the system.

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