Redemptorist Retreat Ministry

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It is always “rare” for me to take on projects involving print because it is not really my forte but the number of people requesting me to help them with their design needs urged me to step in and do something about it.

One afternoon, I was having coffee with Fr JM and we were discussing about the possibility of collaborating on a project for his ministry. They are taking little steps in terms of enhancing their marketing materials to let interested parties know about their mission and their vision. My job was to create a brochure design that will communicate and grab the attention of its readers without losing the very essence of the ministry.

Work: Layouting | Role: Layout Artist, Consultant

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The concept of this project is to show the readers the ministry, give them an idea of what it is, and provide useful program information if they are interested to participate. I am not well versed with the rules of proper layouting but I do trust my eye on this.

Most of the images in the design were blended with the colors to give it that subtle effect.

redemptorist ministry iloilo outside

This is the Front Page (technically the brochure cover page and back page, plus the inline page)

redemptorist ministry iloilo inside

The Brochure’s inline page. This is a tri-fold brochure.

prev2Over all, the design is very simple, very straight forward, but it’s not boring. The pastel colors did wonders on top of the dark blue and green overlays on the photos. Mind you, the folding part makes it even more interesting because of the connecting lines.

Well, that’s just my opinion.

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