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PR Buddy is a portal for knowledge and information sharing about PR education across the world. More importantly, PR Buddy aims to break the myths around PR education and its significance.

I was very lucky to work on this project because I learned a lot of things about PR. When I was growing up, I was really interested with Public Relations and how it works. Good thing, through this, my curiosity was fed. This is why I love doing my “job.” I can learn so much more.

Work: Logo Development, Minor Coding | Role: Graphic Designer, Web Consultant

* * *

Logo Development

This design involves a lot of “word” and “icon” play. Symbols like people, hands, faces, conversation balloons, and some fun fonts were utilized. The final logo was derived from a more “personal” end, showing off a handwritten font and of course, a happy human symbol. I think this fits the whole theme of the organization especially the colors that are entirely bold, serious, and well-balanced. The role of the logo is to balance things out to a more playful side, showing off the wonders of Press Relations.

prbuddy draft 1

Minor Coding

One small problem we encountered is the disorganization of posts, which could result to confusion, more so, lesser website engagement from the readers. The solution is simple and it only required a  few tweaks on the back-end. To make it neat and less-confusing, something must me done on the landing page. I created a separate landing page with several headings that one of them updates automatically every time a new blog post is published. The rest of the subcategories sits static on the site with links to their respective pages. That way, once a reader visits the site, they will know what’s new and what are some other “important” pages he or she needs to visit, given that these are plastered on the home page.

prbuddy browser 2

I had a bit of setbacks in this site when I made a very very tiny mistake of not closing the syntax properly. Always remember that before you make any changes on the back end, be sure that you have backed everything up so that if something fishy happens, you still have your files saved. Easy breezy, as I must say. “Back it up!” 🙂

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