Mayad Valentine’s Day


Cover Photos are also important in terms of Online Marketing. It’s a strategy that is visually appealing to the customers and its viewers.

I had the grandest opportunity of working with Mayad for their social networking materials. The explosion of minimalism got me crazy doing things to their logo. The Valentine’s Day design was by far my favorite among the others that I have designed.

Work: Graphic Design | Role: Graphic Designer

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Graphic Design

The task is pretty straight-forward: design a cover photo that contains the Mayad logo, the Mayad motto, and it should be bold, simple, and elegant all at the same time. At first, I thought it would be such a challenge for me to work around such descriptions but during the design process, I was able to “get into the zone” and just execute.

I enjoyed making their logo look cool and fun. They are “eye-candy” to me!

Draft #1 – “All you need is ______.”


Draft #2 – Sweet Couple. Emphasis on the changes on the necklace type and the necklace placement.




Draft #3 – The Mayad logo was intended to be a representation of a colored heart. But changing the logo defeats the purpose.


Draft #4 – A simpler version of the second draft. No pattern. No bow.


Draft #5 – Simple “heart” concept with a typical rose and chocolate color combination.


Draft #6 – Over the top balloons! (It was worth a shot, though)


In the end, the team selected the couple concept. I believe that best illustrates the brand name and the brand identity.

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