Mayad Summer


Although this was not used in the Mayad Facebook page like the Valentines Day and Lent Designs, I still want to include this in my portfolio.

I was late in revising the Mayad Summer Design so the following drafts were not used.

Work: Graphic Design | Role: Graphic Designer

* * *

Graphic Design

Creating a summer themed design took a lot of my creativity away. I only had two things in mind for the logo: 1) Female summer fashion and 2) Snorkeling. I am sure I could whip up a few more but I could not explain why I was so drained working on this.

Anyway, here are my drafts:

Draft #1 – Snorkeling! Need I say more?


Draft #2 – Female Fashion. There are two variations: 1) Neck scarf and 2) Sunglasses.


Expecting for more drafts? Well, sadly, these are the only ones I made.

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