Mayad Mother’s Day


Celebrating Mayad Mother’s Day together with all the mothers in the world. My job was to create a motherly figure using the official Mayad logo. I played a game before creating the drafts of this particular theme. The game is very familiar and I know everyone knows this – it’s called “word association.” Familiar? I thought so.

Mother. Red. Lips. Pink. Flowers.

Yes, I had the grandest opportunity of working with Mayad for their social networking materials. I worked with minimalism during the whole duration of this series and I am so glad to have made a lot of designs out of their logo and my creative freedom.

Work: Graphic Design | Role: Graphic Designer

* * *

Graphic Design

At one point during the design process, I was told to use only the colors of the logo. That gave me a very limited scope. Nevertheless, I was able to pull some hues that could closely be integrated in my proposed color palette.

Anyway, here are my drafts:

Draft #1 – Floral background. Lips.


Draft #2 – Dotted heart. Lips.


Draft #3 – Lips and hearts.


Draft #4 – Lips and ornaments which I don’t have a clue where that idea came from. (lol)


Well, we ended up using the design with the dotted heart although I do like the one with the floating hearts. Any takers on the ornaments? haha!

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