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This is one of the serious bits in my design line up. Lent is a very delicate theme to work on and I don’t know where to put emphasis. It was either I will put emphasis on the logo or I should just ditch the logo and then make something from the real nature of Lent

Again, I had the grandest opportunity of working with Mayad for their social networking materials. Minimalism greeted me again as I began drafting some materials for the Mayad Lent design. It was challenging.

Work: Graphic Design | Role: Graphic Designer

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Graphic Design

The task is pretty straight-forward: design a cover photo that contains the Mayad logo, the Mayad motto, and it should be bold, simple, and elegant all at the same time. The design should adhere to the Lenten Season theme.

Here are my different takes on the theme:

Draft #1 – Darkness, yellow cross, thorns, and a purple logo. Yes, I was very lost on the first draft!


Draft #2 – The second try became too serious and too misleading. It is like the logo took on the role of Jesus on the cross which was totally unintended.


Draft #3 – Again the same thing. The Mayad logo should not replace Jesus. Although, I do love the palm pattern I made on the background.


Draft #4 – This draft is more appropriate. The Mayad logo became the background of the design. But then again, there’s something wrong with the thorns on the head of the cross.


Draft #5 – Better. Simple, straight-forward, serious, and holy.


It is always better to think about the elements that you are placing in the design. One wrong move and it would show a different meaning to the viewers even though it was unintended. Designing with less can sometimes be a challenge given that fact.

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