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When we think of Easter, we think of Easter eggs, rabbits, and rainbows? Well, I really enjoyed working on this Mayad Cover Photo series because it tested my creativity on many levels. From this experience, I was able to differentiate useful ideas from merely “just” ideas.

Yes, I had the grandest opportunity of working with Mayad for their social networking materials. I worked with minimalism during the whole duration of this series and I am so glad to have made a lot of designs out of their logo and my creative freedom.

Work: Graphic Design | Role: Graphic Designer

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Graphic Design

It’s a battle between the egg and the rabbit on the Mayad Easter design. I have other literal representations on the word “easter” but it will not stick to the audience. So, I suppose, working on designs that are already in the minds of the viewers could help transform a cover photo into a “Mayad” cover photo.

Below are my easter interpretations:

Draft #1 – And here comes the egg with the Mayad logo chick. Not appealing at all. And the rainbow egg was just a failed experiment, I must say. Too much going on there. (This is me criticizing my own work)


Draft #2 – Hello bunny ears. The background is a little boring for me, though. It does not spell “happiness” at all.


Draft #3 – Since the first draft will be tossed out, why not combine its background to the Mayad bunny? Yes!


That’s it. That’s the Mayad Easter design! Isn’t it so much fun?

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