Mayad Bridal Fair Poster

Bridal Mayad Poster

When I was still in college, I was already a huge fan of Mayad especially their amazing wedding videos. I am really happy and fortunate to design their 2013 Mayad Bridal Fair poster as well as several of their Facebook Cover photos for the year.

During my meeting with the team, they gave me the look and feel that they are hoping for and they even sent me some images that could guide me in the design process for the “Getting Married Bridal Fair” poster. So, I executed.

Work: Graphic Design | Role: Graphic Designer

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Graphic Design

As a rule, Mayad wanted me to make the design as minimal as possible. This condition left me with a few things to work around their logo. The text, well, it’s not too much. So, that leaves me with a very large space to fill with something. Without further ado, I created several drafts to submit for approval.

Below are the photo inspiration that they sent me:



These were my interpretation:

Draft #1 – Mayad logo as the bride with flowers. Peach textured background.


Draft #2 – Same logo style. Brick blue background.


Draft #3 – Same logo with hints of grey. White background.


After the first round of evaluation, the team chose the second draft with some notes on the logo. Apparently, we had to lose the flowers on the logo because it is “too much.” Although personally I wanted that to stay.

Below are the revisions:

Revision A


Revision B


Revision C


Revision D


In the end, we all agreed to use the first revision of the second draft and thus, this was also reflected in the facebook cover photo:

mayad screen

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