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I was invited by a friend to have coffee with James (whom I had no idea who he was then). Little did I know that he has a huge following in his blog “Journeying James.” He is one of the few people who has literally circled the whole Philippine archipelago. To me, that was an awesome opportunity to get to know the man behind the blog. So, we spent some time talking on that day and I could remember mentioning to him that I do websites. He smiled.

One coffee and several stories later sparked a good exchange of business proposals. On that same day, I instantly became his site designer!

Work: Web Design and Development, Content Management | Role: Web and Graphic Designer

* * *

Web Design and Development

This particular project made use of more “white space” and organization than the usual. The overall feel of the site came from the logo that Kuya James (that’s what I call him) sent me. I used different hues of blue and placed them all at the center of the page to give way for the photos and texts to really stand out. I also made it a point that the front page would show a little sneak peak of his posts including a thumbnail.

journeyingjames draft 1

My only concern in this site is to establish a single focal point that could draw the attention of his readers. I took also into consideration the number of readers following his updates. Important parts: featured photo, next would be the medium-sized logo, and of course, the blog posts. Utilizing more white space shows off the beautiful photos that he took from his travels as well as the text emphasis.

Content Management

Much workload was dedicated in the front page, making use of categories to organize the contents. Excerpts were scaled down to finally arrive at a uniform look and well-balanced text and photo ratio. The site header also serves its purpose as the main attraction of the Journeying James website and links to the other semi-important portions of the site. Overall, this site was built to be simple and at the same time, engaging.

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