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Jarg Woldhuis is a professional wedding photographer in Zutphen, Netherlands, who churns out brilliant works of art from his everyday photo shoots. He is gifted with eyes for details, creativity and wit. His photographs show timeless stories and emotions of the people in it – creating precious moments well-documented in images exploding with facial expressions and colors.

It was a huge honor working with Jarg in revamping his site and transforming it into one that fits him snugly. Our aim was to create a design that speaks his personality, his professionalism, and his photographs. It took us different drafts to be able to get to one that embodies everything that he is and after countless weeks of revising and making everything pixel-perfect, we managed to get things done.

Work: Web Design and Development | Role: Web and Graphic Designer, Web Consultant

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Web Design and Development

This project is a little bit different in terms of the approach in dealing with the design. There were a few things to consider before actually designing: 1) The use of ProPhoto; and 2) The site must adapt to all screens.

When I mentioned about several drafts, I meant it. At first, it was really a wrong choice of colors that made the project even more challenging than it already was. Check out the color palette I did on the first try and the possibilities of creating a site that has that limit:

jw palette mood

The bluish green made everything difficult to render. Not only is it eye-grabbing on that first glimpse, it also blocks the opportunity for the viewer to actually look at his photos because literally, their eyes will be stuck with the blush green. After that first try, I made several mock ups that could somehow justify the palette but in the end it lead us both back to square one.

Jarg was very vocal and very honest with his opinion and so we talked about it and discussed the other concepts that we could do to make the site work and how we could go about the bluish green dilemma that deemed these words “something is not right.”

The succeeding drafts I made focused more on how the user would interact with the site. I took into consideration the power of Jarg’s photos that I decided to make the design look less and just pour all the attention to his images. So, it was either I use white or a shade of grey that could weave the elements together.

jw preview

Paper is the texture of our choice and that became one of the few blocks that made the site look the way that it looks today. We also stripped off the bluish green and created a more rustic palette combining dark red, yellow, grey, and dark brown.

I wanted the site to have sections and Jarg wants that as well. So, we both began discussing some things that are appropriate to place in the home page and some other separate pages. We focused on the navigation and the ease of navigability in the viewers standpoint. As time passes, we made drastic changes on the front page, transferring elements, interchanging them, and somehow even tossing others out.

On my end, it was a very crazy yet fun-filled experience together with Jarg. It was really a hands-on approach and a collaborative effort between the both of us. From early morning skype discussions to late night e-mails, we still managed to pull off everything. I can’t thank Jarg enough for his full participation in this project.

This is our final design: (from mock-ups to the real thing)

jargwoldhuis homepage

Finally, after weeks of kick-ass working and discussions and my utterly wild frustrations, we were able to stitch every design element together. I can’t thank Jarg enough for challenging me and for being patient with me while we were experiencing some unavoidable glitches.

This was a great experience!

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