Excentrique is a very unique birthday theme I have encountered and it’s not really the usual party but rather it’s a debut for a cool gal whose taste is beyond my expectation.

The task is pretty simple but it took me a few tries to nail it to the grit. Basically, the very theme of the invitation is to show off the celebrant’s personality. There’s a little room to work around since the proposed color scheme is metallic black and white, and the design should be a little bit “hipster.” Another thing to consider integrating in the design is the Arctic Monkeys’ album cover which are basically white horizontal waves.

Well, I could not recall creating a “hipster” type of design so this is probably a first.

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Graphic Design

I did two studies for this particular project. The first draft shows off the versatility of black and white in the whole design and the second draft is the one we all decided to use because of its youthfulness and uniqueness. Apart from just designing the invitation, there are three formats to consider: 1) Facebook Profile Photo; 2) Facebook Cover Photo; and 3) E-mail Invitation which comes in a form of a very small and optimized .jpeg file.

Below is the first design I came up with:




The Arctic Monkeys’ album cover on the background is tilted diagonally to give that pattern. I know I did not give justice to the album cover but to me it looks better when it’s continuous because its role in the design is to “just” be the background. The white humanist type text stands out and looks simple yet utterly sophisticated in this draft.

Below is the approved design where the album cover of Arctic Monkeys was promoted as part of the Excentrique logo rather than just the background.



Everything worked out great despite the massive difference between the design drafts. To me, the chosen design did justice to the celebrant’s youth. It’s perfect for her 18th birthday.

Here are some of the creative ways that they utilized the design! Well, I never expected it to be on a cupcake but it worked perfectly!





* Images courtesy of MJ who is such fun working with in this project

One of the reasons why I love doing what I do is the challenge of creating new things. Something that could pull me out of my comfort zone and just let me explore the endless possibilities of design – may it be in print or just mere online invites as long as I grow as a person and as a designer.

I am hungry for more “out of the box” design ideas and it gives me great joy to work with different types of people who are genuinely respected in their line of work. This makes me very proud to have chosen a career path that ignites my passion as a visual artist, as a designer, and as a student of life.

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