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Cel Sabile is a Professional Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist who trained at the Toni and Guy Phil. and have attended beauty craft seminars from Wella, Bobbi Brown and Smash Box. She regularly participates in major Wedding Exhibits where she offers discount rates, trial makeup and value packages to upcoming brides who would visit her booth.

Her fortes are air brush and traditional make-up plus hair styling services for the bride and her entourage. She also designs Bridal Hair Accessories and serves as a Pre-Nuptial Creative Stylist for the bride’s photo and video shoots.

Ms Cel is truly an incredible woman who really knows her craft and has a burning passion in the things that she do. I am very happy to have designed her site based on her work and her personality.

Work: Logo Design, Web Design and Development | Role: Web and Graphic Designer, Web Consultant

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Logo Design

Creating that recognizable logo for Ms Cel was such fun since I was working with soft pink tones that are so feminine – something I seldom do which posed both a challenge and a source of entertainment for me as her designer. When we talk about weddings and brides, we would always associate it with colors that are cool, fresh, and pastel-like. So the colors of the entire design reflects make-up, traditional, fun, perky, and well, comfortable. This is what I envision the logo to represent. Youthful with a touch of sophistication.

celsabile logo

After several drafts, we both agreed to use the one with a butterfly on top of the small letter i. That best suits her as a professional and creative make-up artist and as well as an accessories designer. The colors tell the whole story.

Thus, her web design was based on her logo color palette.

Web Design and Development

I made a few drafts that show both dark and light background colors to complement the logo. It goes to show that the lighter background draft was very appropriate to use together with the logo. It does not overpower the logo and it makes the working canvas look bigger.

Below are my drafts:


I believe the latter works best in showing off that name and stands clear in terms of the menu or top navigation. It is easy on the eyes and it enables the user to interact with the site flawlessly.

In the end, we created a very simple yet chic site out of pastel colors and we let the colors of the make-up speak more about its creator’s work.

Here’s the final output:

Touch Up Sabile  Welcome to my website.

A website should not have too many elements that serve no purpose. It is best to disregard other elements if you think it does not help the website at all.

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