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Aeus Tech is a new company that developed the “Hit the Can” game app which features the traditional Filipino game of slipper throwing onto aluminum cans. The company was founded with the belief that games should be fun and simple, yet very difficult to master. They believe that their players always come first, and then they design and work backwards from there. They constantly obsess over ideas that will give an emotional impact on their fans, and for them to take that gift home wherever they go.

Work: Web Prototyping | Role: Graphic Designer

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Web Prototyping

The goal is to create a website prototype that will give emphasis on the following: 1) The name of the company; 2) The recent app that the company launched; 3) Facts about the company; and 4) How to contact the company. We were looking at a one-pager site that has dynamic scrolls and parallax effects as an integration in the development stage. My role is to design something that would work and jive on all four things.

Prior to the selection of the final output, I drafted three to five different designs each with its own distinct feature and use. Below are some unused drafts for discussion purposes:

Draft #1 – Single page scroll. Alternating dark and light backgrounds. Textures and contrasting colors.

aeus1_1a aeus1_2b

Draft #2 – Bold and bright colors. Typographical play. Intended parallax scrolling effect.

aeus2_page1a aeus2_page5A

Draft #3 – Timeline feature. Contrasting colors. Shades of green to blue in the color spectrum. Play of humanist type and shapes.

aeus3_page1b aeus3_page4

Draft #4 – Corporate-themed look. Company information emphasis. Fixed navigation bar on top of page. Light and dark color combinations.

aeus5_page1 aeus5_page3 aeus5_page4

Below was the design that was approved. Generally it shows off a subtle light blue color, simple typography, and some neutrals that did the trick.


The main reason why this design works is the fact that the colors used here are complements to the main element – the title of the app “Hit the Can” which is orange. In Color Theory, a little bit of orange will pop out when immersed in a blue environment (just like the one above). This known fact draws your eyes to the name because it stands out from the rest of the light blue background.

Currently, this is the design that Aeus based their site on.

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