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Last year’s Travel Blogging Calendar successfully helped two charities: Mitrata Nepal and VSO Bahaginan. This year, the team shifted its focus on the abused elephants of Thailand. The mission is to raise money to support the Save Elephant Foundation and give back to the Thailand tourism industry in a positive way.

Every single donation, people are qualified into a raffle to win $3,300 towards a holiday to Thailand to personally visit the elephants. Plus, they will also receive access to exclusive blog updates put together by more than 20 bloggers all over the world.

Again, I am so fortunate to be part of the team. Working with Jeremy and the rest of the bloggers out there who are willing to make a change and to make a difference in the world. I salute you!

Work: Logo Development, Online Advertising | Role: Graphic Designer

* * *

Logo Development

We began brainstorming during the last quarter of 2013 and my task was to make the existing logo “new” but not taking apart any elements that are already recognized during the 2013 campaign.

Basically, it’s enhancing the logo and making it better without actually doing any major overhaul. I instantly drafted some sketches, bearing in mind the retention of the calendar, the colors, and the general look and feel of the graphics.

This time, designing the graphics of the 2014 Travel Blogging Calendar was very limiting that I had to work with only a few things laid out on the table. Below are the revisions I did with the logo and some new elements:

2014 tbc moodboard

Online Advertising

The overall process of creating ad links and several banners for different sites and various header sizes became relatively easy since the format was still the same as it was last year. Although, there was a major change in the buttons. This year, I wanted to implement a lot of “flat-design” influence to take the design to a whole new level and as well as lose the bevels and shadows and just put out a work that spells minimal yet elegant.

2014 tbc ads

On a personal note, the chosen color palette from the 2013 Travel Blogging Calendar was emphasized in the 2014 theme. It’s still the same thing but a little bit different. That was the challenge.

I am so happy to have finished the whole set while working hand in hand with Jeremy on this project. Again, lessons learned, new design elements reincarnated and implemented. A cleaner and more refined design gave justice to the charity supported by the group.

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