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The Travel Blogging Calendar is one of those unique and noble projects out there that enable anyone around the world to vote for their favorite charities, which will receive all the proceeds generated by the number of calendars sold. I’m so happy to be on board with two well-known travel bloggers who have placed so much effort in making this even possible. This year, the benefits were received by two charities: Mitrata Nepal and VSO Bahaginan.

Work: Logo Development, Web Prototyping, Online Advertising | Role: Graphic Designer

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Logo Development

Certain elements in this particular project were torn between what serves more importance. Take the name “Travel Blogging Calendar” where “travel” and “calendar” are two words that are of different worlds. My studies below includes the road, the popular map icon, a grid that represents the imaginary lines around Earth, for which these are all related to the word “travel.” On the other hand, “calendar” only has the customized icon for a simple calendar, which is what I think is more important (and recognizable).

travel blogging calendar draft 1

Web Prototyping

Working together with Jeremy for the over-all look and feel of the site required a lot of tweaking and balancing of colors and design elements that should relatively “fit.” The structure that we were working on was designed to be responsive. So, we took inspiration from the road stock photo that we obtained and made it as the focal point of the site. Point number 1: Travel. Now, the approved logo was placed afloat on the left hand corner of the site for emphasis. Point number 2: Calendar.

travel blogging calendar draft 2

Online Advertising

This is by far the easiest phase of all since what I did involves reusing all of the elements in the site and adding a bold yellow button in the center of the square tiles. In the end, it all boiled down to choosing the best background (colored or not) and also the logo as you could see in the example above. Adding a CSS hover effect could also help for purposes of “attracting” people’s attention.

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