But I call it “BRAIN FARTS”

Importance of Web Design

Web design is not merely "prettying things" in websites or focusing on the aesthetic aspect of it [as what most people would think]. Web design involves multiple disciplines that includes planning and execution of web sites through technical development (markup and...

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Choosing the Creative Path

My years in college as a student nurse taught me how to make sound judgments and reasonable decisions - two valuable lessons I picked up from my patient suffering from Stage III Breast Cancer. While I was taking care of her in the hospital, she shared me stories of...

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How to Create Your Own Icon?

Icons are graphical symbols that represent a thing, group of things, function, or actions. These usually aid readers to understand a text or a paragraph in a form of an image. Icons play a vital role in making a website effective and at the same time, attractive....

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7 Free Icons for Web Designers

This icon set is intended for web designers, graphic designers, and even web developers but it can be used for whatever purpose it may serve. These icons were custom made to fit Clevrrr's color palette but I do, however, provided a tutorial on how to change the colors...

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Art is not Design

Thirty minutes have passed inside this quiet café and there’s not a single person taking a seat near the glass pane. I was hoping for a subject to sit there, sipping his latte, as I try to sketch out his features and capture that subtle beam of sunlight passing through. Sadly, it was just me and that barista who is busy cleaning his work area. It would have been perfect if someone came and decided to sit there and pose for me as I make art happen.

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