Age does not matter unless you’re a cheese.

Dearest Aica,

Happy 26 years of existence!

No words could ever fill these virtual pages of how proud I am of the woman that you have become now, Ike. That’s one hell of an achievement. And as I sit back and review the life that you are living, I could not resist reminiscing the fantastic times we had in college. What whirlwind of memories it has been.

We may not be able to see nor speak to each other that often, but always remember that deep down buried in my heart are beautiful smiles and cheerful laughs from you.

I just wanna let you know that I love you so and I miss you so. There’s never a day I haven’t wished for friends like you to be by my side. But in my heart, I know you all are. See you soon. As always, I pray for your good health, wealth, and more love.

Please continue to be that bright sunshine to everyone, Ike. Continue to bless people with your gift of love because that love of yours will grow exponentially. 🙂 This letter might not be that long (as compared to the years before) but always remember that I am here clapping for you, for your happiness, and for your life’s purpose.

May God shower you with more blessings, Ike. Be well always. I love you… Happy Birthday! ❤️

Always with love and cheer (like chair bala joke! k. corny),

Your farmer slash painter slash web designer friend,


I can’t paint portraits yet because I SUCK at it but here’s a portrait of you made entirely of emojis! 🙂


YOU’LL LIKE THIS!!! hahaha! kbye.

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